Can I tint my skylights?

Application of window film to the inside surface of skylights is very difficult.  The film tends to hang down at a ninety-degree angle, and is extremely difficult to handle and apply to the glass surface.  Another difficulty is that many of the newly designed homes today have tunnels leading to the skylights.  This along with the difficulty level is the main reason why you should make sure that the window film company you choose has the specialized equipment and training to do skylights properly.

The cost of tinting skylight can be slightly higher than tinting other windows.  This is due to the difficulty and height of most skylights as well as the length of the tunnel leading of the windows.

The benefits of tinting skylights are tremendous.  With the sun’s rays being more direct in the spring and summer, window films will reduce the fading of items below the skylights.  Window films also reduce the heat coming in thru your skylights by 50%-80%.

The application of window film to skylights is more restricted versus tinting other windows in your home or business.  Home or business owners should consult with their window film professional and be aware of any restrictions.

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