Can I use tape, decals, static clings or suction cups on my window film?

While all interior window films have a protective scratch resistant coating they are still subject to physical abuse and damage.  A problem can occur when foreign matters are applied to the film or inside window.  This is a very real issue for commercial retail accounts such as convenience stores, fast-food outlets, grocery stores, clothing stores where the use of “merchandising signs” is a common practice-such as special offers, holiday sales, etc.

Signs such as “static cling”, are preferable and should cause no damage to the window film if properly applied and removed.  When other types of signs are applied and removed.  When other types of signs are applied using various tapes with a “sticky” adhesive, as the tape is removed it leaves a residue or adhesive on the window film.  This residue will eventually attract dust and other airborne particles giving the area a cloudy appearance.  Such tape residue can only be removed with a cleaning solvent such as “Goo Gone”, taking precautions to use a soft cloth or paper towels to dry the window.  Some types of tape do no leave a residue.  However, if at all possible, tape should be avoided.  Signs which are affixed to the glass by suction cup devices should not damage the window film and are recommended.

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