Can you apply window film over decals or stickers on glass?

Many windows, especially those on storefronts, have stickers, decals, burglar tape, and other such items on the glass.  Depending on the circumstances, these might have to be removed.

Your window tinting professional should discuss the potential problems with you and determine what to do with any decals.  If they are not highly raised above the glass, window film can be applied over them.  However, this will create a poorer bond on the decal than on the glass.  More highly raised stickers should be scraped off.

Burglar tape and alarm contacts are also found on windows.  Tape is usually only slightly raised above the surface of the glass.  Film can be installed over such an irregular surface, but customers should be advised that the installation will not be tip quality.  Alarm contacts, however, should be removed before applying film, but should not be done by the window film installer.  It is better to ask you, the customer, to contact your security company to remove and replace the alarm contacts.

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