How do I clean window film?

Most window films have a scratch resistant coating on the outside surface of the film.  This scratch resistant coating is used to protect the film from normal wear and tear.  However, care and caution must still be used in cleaning the surface of the glass on which film has been applied to reduce possible damage:

Use any normal household glass cleaning solutions or plain soapy water.
Do not use any solution that contains abrasive material, such as baking soda.  Comet, Softscrub, etc.  Also, do not use anything sharp such as razor blades or scrubbing pads.
Use soft clean lint-free towels or synthetic sponges to apply cleaning solutions.
Use a soft cloth or soft rubber squeegee for drying the glass.  Care must be taken when using a squeegee for drying the glass.  Care must be taken when using a squeegee, as to not gouge the film any sharp metal edges.

While most window film companies use scratch-resistant films, you should ask to make sure. If a company has an extra charge for a scratch-resistant film, you may wish to contact a few more companies for quotes.  With today’s technology, scratch-resistant films are considered standard.

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