How long does it take window film to dry?

One aspect to consider when talking about the drying time of window film is the time of year.  Cold and non-sunny weather conditions can lengthen the dry-out time.  Warm weather and direct sun light exposure will shorten the dry-out time.  If slow drying occurs, do not be alarmed.  The trapped moisture will dry-out completely.

Some safety and security window films will always have a longer dry- out period due to their increased thickness.  Thicker films and a less than perfect drying climate will lengthen the dry-out period.  Dry-out times can vary from a few days to as long as several months.

Window film creates an efficient vapor barrier between the glass and the film.  During the installation process, your window tinting installer will remove as much of the mounting solution as possible by using a squeegee, although a small amount will remain.  Trapped installation moisture can cause small water puddles and/or a slightly cloudy look.  This is normal and should be expected.  Do not attempt to pierce a water puddle during the dry-out period. This water and cloudy look will eventually dissipate. Attempting to pierce a water puddle in an effort to drain moisture will damage your film.  This damage would not be covered by warranty.


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