Solartint UV400 WINDOW FILM

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Solartint UV400 WINDOW FILM

Solartint Uv400 Window Films. This highly graded window films provides 100% UV radiation protection, blue light protection and high solar heat rejection.

The UV400 window film series is produced using a newly invented technology. Its manufacturing process is unique, resulting in superior product benefits, compared to other window films.

  • 100% UV radiation protection.
  • Blue light protection.
  • No adhesive lines.
  • High performance solar heat rejection.
  • Non reflective.
  • Stable insulation properties.
  • No oxidation.
  • Do not have black or white borders.
  • No communication signal disruptions.
  • No degumming & bubbling.
  • Does not easily fade or age.

    Sample video of UV 400 window film testing:

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