Benefits of Window Tinting

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  • Reduce Heathow-window-film-works

In today’s hot weather, one of the most effective ways to reduce heat from entering the building is to tint the glass surfaces with window film. Windows tinting can provide window film rejects up to 90% Total Solar Energy, keeping your interior cool and comfortable.


  • Reduce FadingReduce Fading

The Ultraviolet Ray is harmful and cause fading. Windows tinting reject up to 99.5% of damaging UV rays. It will protect all interior furnishing from fading




  • Reduce Glareredure glare

Window tinting will also reduce up to 90% of the eyes-straining sun glare caused by direct sunlight or reflection from the surrounding, while maintaining a clear view and enhance the appearance of the surrounding environment.





  • Cost and Energy Saving

By virtue of reducing heat into the building, this would reduce the electricity consumption of the air-conditioning systems thus resulting in lower electricity bills.

  • Safety Shield

Window tinting also acts as a protective shield to protect the occupants and properties against the danger of broken glass. Tint Titans act as a ‘safety net’ by holding the stattered glasses together should they break.

  • Enhance Appearance and Privacy

Window tinting enhances the aesthetic value of your residence, thus making it more appealing to the public. It also provide privacy to residence in the daytime for being able to have high visibility from the inside but not from outside.

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